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Om Topics:
  • How does the plot structure affect the deeper meaning in the novel?
    • o Hints: How many parts does the book have? Does the plot follow a straight line or circles? How does these structures relate to the ideas of life cycles, rebirth, samsara, etc.?
  • Discuss how Govinda acts as a foil for Siddhartha.
    • o Hints: A foil is a character who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. Thinking about Govinda, how are he and Siddhartha similar, and how are they different? What are the narrative functions of Govinda’s reappearance throughout the novel? How does their relationship impact the novel’s ending?
  • Kamala has a profound impact on the plot – how does Siddhartha’s love for her shape the plots and themes of the story?
    • o Hints: What archetypal themes of the story is she involved in? How does her being the mother of his son shape his journey for enlightenment? How does Siddhartha’s spirituality, in turn, impact Kamala and their son?
  • One might argue that four characters of the story have achieved enlightenment – have they all achieved the same “enlightenment,” and how did they each reach it?
    • o Hint: Govinda, Gotama, Vasudeva, and Siddhartha arguably are the 4 characters that have become “enlightened.” What is enlightenment to each of them? What paths did they take to get there?