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5 stars


Danny Walker is a very unaverage middle schooler. Danny is very short. So short that many often mistake him
for being several years younger than he actually is. But what Danny lacks in size he makes up for heart. Danny
is a great basketball player. In this book Danny must overcome many doubters in order to become great and
maybe follow his fathers footsteps and go to the NBA.


This is a great fiction book. It is great for someone who either loves basketball or loves sports. Also this book
could be very inspiring for someone who is always told that they're not good enough or they'll never succeed.
This book is great because it can be very easy to visualize the story for someone who plays basketball. But I
think that it may not be as interesting for someone who does not enjoy sports or basketball. I would recommend
this book to a friend because I really enjoyed it and it would be a fantastic read for a sports loving person.