(Alasia's Self-Realization Scrapbook

With the Samanas

The Assignment

To get a feeling for how the Samanas, Indian ascetics that are found in the novel Siddhartha, try to reach enlightenment, we gave up something we enjoy for a week. I chose to give up getting on Twitter, because it distracts me from doing my homework.

external image twi.jpg

The Begininning

On Saturday, October 13th I started off by not getting on twitter. It was very extremely hard, and by the middle of the day I was already on it again. I then remembered, I was not supposed to be on, that continued on and off for the rest of the day. "He traveled the way of self-denial" (Hesse 15). I denied that I wouldn't be able to stay off of twitter, which is similar to Siddhartha denying what he could do. On Sunday October, 14th I got on for a couple of minutes and then told myself "you are not supposed to be on here, get off now!" I was then off for the rest of the day.

The Middle

By the middle, on Monday, October 15th, it was very hard for me too try and stay off but i managed to do it. So many notifications came to my phone and I had to clear and ignore each of them. I really wanted to check them, but I didn't. On Tuesday, October 16th it was not as bad as Sunday and Monday. I still had to deal with lots of notifications though. "Has given me something of greater value" (36). Not being on twitter made me focus more on my homework, because usually I am very distracted by being on there.external image mountain-lion-notifications.jpg

The End

When I reached the end on Wednesday, October 17th, twitter did not even come to my mind. I totally forgot about it which was really weird. On the very last day I thought about it again, but not too much. I couldn't wait to get on, be nosy again, and check all of my notifications.

external image twitter.jpg



Siddartha reached awakening after leaving his friends. To him awakening looked "beautiful, strange and mysterious" (39). I chose to draw a river, a sun, mountains, grass, trees. I chose to draw these things because Siddartha saw "...blue...yellow...green, sky and river, woods and mountains" (39). A quarter of my picture is dark because it is showing that Siddhartha was not awoken. It then shows that he is awakening, walking into many beautiful things and the sun starts to come out.


external image Five-Most-Beautiful-Indian-Actresses-925040504-1000684585-1.jpg

Name: Kamala

Location: The Grove
Eyes: Dark eyes



About Me: (51)

I have black hair, a bright face, a bright red mouth like a freshly cut fig, dark eyes. My hands are firm and smooth, long and slender

Hobbies/Profession: (52, 54, 55)

"I am a very well known courtesan which is like a prostitute but for wealthier clientele. Many young men, usually Brahmins, come and want my services. Right now, I spend my days with Siddhartha teaching him about love and guidance. Otherwise I am in my grove lying in my sedan chair relaxing."

Looking for (54)

"He must have clothes, fine clothes, and shoes, fine shoes, and plenty of money in his purse and presents for Kamala" (54).


My Daily Life

1. Wake up early in the morning
2. Go to the bathroom, shower, pee, brush teeth, wash face
3. Get dressed
4. Do hair
5. Pack lunch
6. Walk to school
7. Go to basketball practice
8. Come home, do homework
9. Get ready for bed (shower etc.)

Quote From Siddhartha:

"The years passed by. Enveloped by comfortable circumstances, Siddhartha hardly noticed their passing. He had become rich. He had long possessed a house of his own and his own servants, and a garden at the outskirts of town, by the river" (75).

The Comic!

(from pixton.com)


My life is pretty much the same everyday. Sometimes it is boring and sometimes it is not. I wake up every morning at 7:30 am. I then go into the bathroom, take a pee, wash my hands, brush my teeth, and wash my face. When I am done doing that I go back into my bedroom and find something to wear. Once I have figured out what to wear and get dressed for about 20 minutes, I go into the bathroom again and do my hair. When finished doing my hair I go into the kitchen and pack my lunch. After I pack my lunch I sit around and play with the children my mother babysits for a while and then I go off to school. While in school I am learning of course, and after school I go to basketball practice. After basketball practice I go back home, do my homework, eat dinner, take a shower and watch my favorite shows. When all of that is done I eventually get in the bed and go to sleep, and then wake up the next day and do it all over again. Siddhartha seemed to do the same thing over and over also, but I know that he got tired of it.

The River:

Song: "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake


"Girl i refuse, you must have me confused"

Quote From Text:

"he hesitated a moment, although his hands were ready to seize her. At that moment he heard his inward voice and the voice said "No!"" (50).


Siddhartha is on this "journey" to explore things, not woman. So his inward voice tells him "NO!"

Song: "Deep River Woman" by Lionel Richie


"I've been out in the world
Yes, the fast life had me going
Now all that's changed
Finally made up my mind
About the one thing
I've been knowing
You're the only girl
I've ever cared for in this world"

Quote From Text:

"the first person I met before I reached the town was you. I have come here to tell you, O Kamala, that you are the first woman to whom Siddhartha has spoken without lowered eyes. Never again will I lower my eyes when I meet a beautiful woman" (53).


Siddhartha meets Kamala, he notices how beautiful she is and feels like the luckiest man in the world and his inward voice doesn't say anything to him this time.

Song: "Moon River" by Audrey Hepburn


"Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see"

Quote From Text:

"Tomorrow morning, my friend, Siddhartha is going to join the Samanas. He is going to become a Samana" (9).


This song connects to Siddhartha and his friend Govinda because their plans were to go off and experience more in the world together.