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Stephen King's
Mathes Glymph and his report
5 out of 5 stars

Arnie Cunningham fell in love at first sight. The 1958 Plymouth Fury was irresistible to Arnie, despite being old and worn down. The car's strange owner called 'her' "Christine." Arnie bought the car from the owner and immediately the car became his passion. Arnie spent a lot of time, and money restoring the car and to keep "her" in a car garage. It didn't take long for Arnie's parents, and friends, Dennis and Leigh, to dislike the car. No one knew exactly what it was, but there was something evil and unsettling about the car. Arnie began to change character, some for the best, and some for the worst. And though Arnie was in the garage frequently, it seemed as if the car was restored a bit too fast. Arnie couldn't have possibly done all of that in that short time, could he? Could Christine somehow have been... alive?