The-Road.jpgReview: 4.5 Stars
Summary: McCarthys The Road is the story of father and son trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. This father and son duo are traveling on a road Southward to avoid a frigid Winter. The road is set in a dystopian world, covered with and ash, and mostly uninhabited. On their way south, they encounter many obstacles such as extreme elements, natural disasters, starvation, and their most horrific foe: cannibals. The boy and man in the story, as well as time period remain unknown heightening to the mystery making the dystopia seem as it would happen to anyone.
This was a phenomenal book, a book to read slowly, to savor; not one to speed through to hasten ingestion of the plot. There are events that are exceedingly grim in this, focusing on despair, suicide, cannibalism. Yet the love of the father for his son is palpable and despite the omnipresent gray ash, there remain slivers of hope. Highly recommended, but this is not a book for those with a weak stomach. The book also tended to be confusing at times, speeding through points and dragging out other. Overall this was a great read, and the kind of book you feel different after finishing.