Rating: 3 Stars

Summary: Average joe Arthur Dent is picked up by his friend right before the earth is scedualed to explode, in order to make room for a bypass in the galaxy. Arthurs freinds Ford a resurcher from another planet, had has cleverly duisguised himself as a struggling actor. This whimsical novel takes Arthur and Ford Perfect all thoughout the galaxy. They meet many many others along there gavels, including Zeephod Beeblebrox and Trillian. Trillian has meet Aurthor before, intact, he tried to pick her up at a cockyail party on Earth. Aurthor dent becomes incresingly confused thoughout the book on board the heart of gold spaceship. The book includes witty british style humor full of satire. One book charactor is the depressed robot names marvin who always has something negative and contradictive to say.

Review: Douglas addams creativley uses humor and sarcasm to create a comedic affect. The book was very creativley done, however, the humor could be hard to pick up on, and tended to be dry in my opinion. I also found the plot to be consuing at times as there was so much going on at once. Over all this was a good book tarteted for itelectuals or people into sci-fi. The book had many streaths and very few weaknesses.