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Rating: 4 stars

Summary: A Ship`s Boys life is hard. For Jacky between learning to be a sailor and hiding the fact that she`s a girl, life is great! Anything, is better than the streets of London in 1809. Follow Jacky across the sea while hunting Pirates in His Majesty King George`s Royal Navy. Will Jacky be able to keep up the charade?

Review: Bloody Jack is one of my favorite reads of this year and one of the few series I would read again. The best part is Jacky being on the Ocean in a ship, were you can keep no secrets, somehow manages to hide the fact that she is a girl. Her adventures range from hunting pirates, starting a mutiny, falling love, dressing as a boy, and leaving her street gang. My biggest problem is that she falls in love with another boy on the ship and they manage to hide their relationship. It seems overly risky to trust someone with knowledge that could get you killed when he could tell someone at any moment. Their relationship also involves sneaking off together which I found extremely stupid on her part. Jacky`s heart, courage and bravery inspire me to stand up for what I want and to go out and get it. To never let anyone tell me I can`t do something. I believe anyone who reads this will feel just as inspired as I do. I highly recommend this book.