img-thing.jpegRating 3 Stars


John Shaw is a nineteen-year old boy hospitalized upon coming back from his time fighting in World War 1 alongside the skilled commander, Quincey Harker. When John recovers he meets Mary Seward and quickly falls in love with her. John's constant nightmares and blurry memories from the war cause him to believe something is up with his previous commander, and when his sisters runs away with Quincey, John is forced to take action. John and Mary work together to bring back John's sister, while discovering disturbing secrets about Quincey along the way.


Overall I think Bloodline was an interesting book that kept me wanting to read more. The thing I liked most about this book was it was a sequel to the book Dracula, although written by a different person. The author used the original characters from Dracula and put a different kind of spin on what happens after Dracula. The whole book is told through the character's journals, which I personally did not like very much. If you enjoy vampire books and surprising plots i would highly recommend this book.